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JKLMedia's podcast

Oct 26, 2014

Jesse, Karen, & Lou talk with Lexie Dunne about her upcoming novel, "Superheroes Anonymous". 

Link to the book on Goodreads - with purchase info (no affiliation with this podcast)

Follow Lexie here: @DunneWriting
Lexie's Website: The Lexicon (Read the first two chapters there now)

Our contact info:

Jesse: @jwj170104

Oct 12, 2014

Jesse, Karen, & Lou talk about "Ocean at the End of the Lane". A book by Neil Gaiman about looking back at childhood and seeing the past through adult eyes. As with other Gaiman books, there's a lot of fantasy and horror thrown in. 

Karen makes up the term, "Gaimanized", and they hope you'll become just that.

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