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JKLMedia's podcast

Sep 27, 2014

We started out talking about Portable Technology, but as is our wont, we went off-topic several (read: many) times and discussed quite a few things. Hopefully you'll find it interesting, at the very least - entertaining. 

We also tease several upcoming topics, including the JKL Book Club, Video Game Music (twice), &...

Sep 25, 2014

Join Jesse, Karen, & Lou as they talk about the New and Returning genre shows for Fall 2014. They discuss the good and the bad, predict hits and misses, and wonder if some shows are even for real! 

Contact info:

Main Twitter account: @JKLMPodcasts
Jesse: @jwj170104
Karen: @Aleveria
Lou: @OldDarth

Sep 18, 2014

Jesse, Karen, & Lou Introduce their new Podcast Venture - and they share their vision with the listeners. 

They also explain why they chose JKLMedia, and make a lot of fun of each other. 

Contact info:

Main Twitter account: @JKLMPodcasts
Jesse: @jwj170104

Karen: @Aleveria
Lou: @OldDarth